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Welcome to Becky B Hair, where we specialise in balayage, the art of hand-painted hair colouring. Balayage, meaning “to sweep” in French, creates a natural, sun-kissed look with soft, seamless transitions. Our expert stylists will customize this technique to suit your style, whether subtle highlights or a bold transformation. Join us at Becky B Hair and discover the beauty of balayage!

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Unlocking the Beauty of Balayage

Your Personalised Hair Journey at Becky B Hair


At Becky B Hair, we recognise that your hair is your canvas, and every brushstroke should mirror your unique style and personality. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce you to the world of balayage – a transformative hair colouring technique that has taken the beauty industry by storm. But here at Becky B Hair, we take it one step further, offering a range of specialised balayage techniques tailored to your individual preferences, and we’re here to guide you through every step of your hair transformation.

Balayage: A Symphony of Colour and Technique

Balayage, a French word meaning “to sweep,” has become synonymous with natural, sun-kissed hair that exudes effortless beauty. But what sets Becky B Hair apart is our commitment to providing you with a truly personalised experience. Our expert stylists will start by consulting with you, listening to your ideas, and carefully examining any inspirational photos you bring along. This collaborative approach ensures that your vision is at the heart of your transformation.

Once we’ve discussed your desires and assessed your hair, our stylists will work their magic, selecting from various balayage techniques to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some of the options we offer:


This technique combines the best of both worlds by incorporating foils into the balayage process. Foilayage allows for precise placement of highlights, resulting in stunning contrast and dimension.


For those seeking a subtle and delicate touch, babylights create a soft, natural look that mimics how the sun naturally lightens hair.

Money Piece

The “money piece” technique involves adding bright, face-framing highlights, creating a bold, eye-catching effect that adds instant glamour.

Free Hand Lightening

Our stylists are artists with a brush, and freehand lightening allows them to create bespoke, hand-painted highlights that suit your style perfectly.

Your Unique Journey with Becky B Hair

At Becky B Hair, we’re dedicated to making your path towards stunning, beautiful hair as enjoyable as the destination. Our stylists take the time to understand your needs and preferences and work closely with you to ensure your budget aligns with your hair goals.

Once we’ve carefully assessed your hair and had a detailed conversation about your hair objectives, our stylists collaborate, pooling their expertise and creativity. this teamwork allows us to pinpoint the ideal techniques for achieving exceptional results. Moreover, we offer a range of flexible pricing options tailored to suit your unique requirements and budget, which can vary from $150 to $500.

Becky B Hair is your partner on an exciting collaborative journey, combining your vision with our professional knowledge. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and say hello to the boundless possibilities of balayage at Becky B Hair. Join us today, and let your hair become an exquisite canvas reflecting your individuality. Your remarkable journey towards achieving truly customised, gorgeous hair starts here.

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Balayage Results

Why can’t I have the colour I want in one appointment?

Balayage, the art of hand-painted hair colouring, is celebrated for its natural allure. However, reaching your desired balayage look often requires more than a single salon visit. At Becky B Hair, we appreciate the nuanced path to perfection that balayage demands.

Dark Dyes and Delays

Previous dark hair dyes can be a hurdle. These pigments can resist the transition to bright, blonde shades, necessitating a thoughtful approach and rushing the process risks compromising hair health.

Hair Health Matters at Becky B Hair

Your hair’s well-being is our top priority. We’re committed to achieving your balayage goals while safeguarding your hair’s strength and vitality.

Taking the Right Steps

Balayage excellence often unfolds over multiple appointments. We collaborate with you to set practical expectations and develop a timeline that respects your hair’s resilience.

The Rewarding Result

Balayage is an art form requiring time and care. Trust us at Becky B Hair to guide you through this journey, placing your hair’s health and satisfaction at the forefront. The ultimate outcome, achieved gradually and responsibly, is a striking balayage look that truly captivates. Join us at Becky B Hair to embark on this journey to hair brilliance today.

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Find out everything you need to know about balayage.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a popular hair colouring technique in the hairdressing industry right now. It’s all about creating a natural and sun-kissed look. What’s cool about balayage is that it gives hair a soft and blended appearance, almost like how our hair naturally lightens in the sun. We use various methods to do this, like freehand painting, where we literally paint the colour onto your hair to make it look really natural. We can also use foils to add some extra precision to the process. Another technique, “teasy lights” involves teasing your hair before applying colour to create a soft, diffused effect. With balayage, there are so many ways to make your hair look unique and beautiful!

How long does a Balayage appointment take?

A balayage appointment typically lasts for about three hours, but it’s essential to know that the time can vary depending on a few factors. If you’re making a significant change, like going from very dark to very light hair, or if your hair has had previous colour treatments like colour build-up or box colour, it may take a lot longer. Balayage is a gradual process, and sometimes, the first appointment may not give you the exact look you’re after. It often gets better over time as your hair lightens and the colours blend naturally. So, patience is key when it comes to achieving that stunning balayage result!

How long does Balayage last?

Balayage is a permanent change to your hair colour, meaning it won’t wash out or disappear over time. However, it’s important to note that lighter shades in your balayage may naturally fade to brassy tones after about a month, especially without the use of special maintenance shampoos. Additionally, if the base colour applied during your balayage appointment is darker than your natural hair colour, you may start to notice a noticeable regrowth line in about 4 to 8 weeks as your natural hair grows out. This regrowth can be managed with touch-up appointments to maintain the seamless, blended look of your balayage.

Are highlights and balayage the same thing?

Balayage and highlights are distinct hair colouring techniques. Balayage creates a gentle and gradual transition from light to dark, mimicking the natural way hair lightens in the sun. It’s like an artful sweep of colour that adds depth and dimension to your hair. On the other hand, highlights involve selecting specific pieces of hair to add brightness, creating contrast with your base colour. These two techniques can actually work together to achieve a striking effect known as the “money piece,” where bright highlights are strategically placed to frame your face and make a bold statement within your balayage look. So, while balayage provides that overall soft and blended appearance, highlights are like bright accents that can enhance the entire look.

Does Balayage cause loss or damage to your hair?

It’s important to know that all hair colouring processes, whether it’s highlights, balayage, or any other technique, can cause some level of damage to your hair. However, the key to minimising this damage lies in the expertise of professional and well-trained stylists. These professionals carefully select and use high-quality products that are less harsh on your hair, helping to achieve the desired results while protecting its health as much as possible. So, while some damage may occur, experienced stylists prioritise the well-being of your hair, striving to strike a balance between achieving your desired look and maintaining the integrity of your locks.

Does Balayage fade?

Hair colour, no matter how vibrant or beautifully done, will naturally fade over time due to various factors like washing, exposure to the sun, and regular wear and tear. However, there’s good news: you can extend the life of your colour and keep it looking fresh by using maintenance shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for coloured hair. These specialised products help to lock in the colour molecules and protect your hair from fading, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful hue for longer periods and maintain that stunning, just-out-of-the-salon look.