Welcome to Becky B Hair Salon,
an independent award winning boutique hair salon.

I truly believe that people live up to your expectations; whether you expect the best or the worst from someone, they will live up to it. As you could guess I expect incredible things from all my staff and no matter what level of experience, they never cease to amaze me.

At Becky B we put a huge value in everyone’s growth, development, experience and education. This is not what you would expect from any other salon but I appreciate you being a part of our journey.

I am so proud that this, and every Becky B salon experience will be like nothing you have ever had. I have tried to allow everyone to feel comfortable and confident to be themselves at Becky B, staff and clients alike. 

All of my life experiences have shaped the team feeling and inclusive environment you are in today. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I do in the salon.


Becky B

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