Scalp Bleaching

Welcome to Becky B Hair Salon, where we specialise in scalp bleaching, also known as scalp lightening. This cutting-edge hair colouring technique involves the controlled lightening of the hair and the scalp to achieve a striking and radiant effect, allowing for creative self-expression.

To achieve the best results, it is crucial to entrust your scalp bleaching to an expert colourist. The process necessitates a profound understanding of hair chemistry, precision techniques, and professional-grade products. Our skilled and highly trained team at Becky B Hair Salon possesses the expertise to ensure visually stunning results and the safety and health of your hair and scalp.

We invite you to experience the transformative possibilities of scalp bleaching with us. Becky B Hair Salon is committed to delivering exceptional results while prioritising the well-being of your hair. Discover our services and schedule an appointment today for a personalised scalp bleaching journey. Your hair’s potential is boundless; we are here to help you shine.

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Our Scalp Bleaching Service Includes

When you opt for our scalp bleaching service at Becky B Hair Salon, you can expect a thorough and customised experience. Here’s what you’ll get:


Our skilled stylists will start by discussing your desired results and whether they are achievable. We believe in being clear and will provide honest advice to ensure your expectations are realistic.

Gentle Approach

We put your hair’s health first. Our experts will choose the least damaging chemicals to achieve your desired lightening effect while keeping your hair in good condition.

Precise Application

We’re all about precision. Our stylists apply the chosen products carefully to avoid any damage from overlapping or over-processing, ensuring great results with minimal risk.


Scalp lightening isn’t the kind of service that can be applied and walked away from. Reapplying product will ensure saturation and lift.

Premium Products

We use top-quality products known for their advanced bleach technology, making sure the lightening process is effective and gentle on your hair.

Comfort for Your Scalp

Your comfort matters to us. Our salon offers soothing products to keep your scalp comfortable during the lightening process.

Homecare Advice

We care about the health and longevity of your hair. Our stylists will provide personalised advice on products and routines to keep your hair looking and feeling its best between salon visits.

At Becky B Hair Salon, we’re committed to providing outstanding scalp bleaching services that meet your style goals and take good care of your hair. Your satisfaction and confidence in your hair are our top priorities, and we’re excited to guide you through this transformative journey.

Scalp Bleaching Results

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Find out everything you need to know about scalp bleaching.

What is scalp bleach?

Scalp bleaching is a salon treatment for people who want to have their hair turn blonde without any dark roots showing as it grows. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gentle Choice: Hair stylists pick the mildest chemicals possible to get your hair as light as you want it. They’re careful not to use anything too strong so your hair stays healthy.
  2. Precise Application: The stylist puts the bleach on your hair very carefully to make sure every part gets covered, but they’re really careful not to put it on the parts of your hair that are already light because that can damage them.
  3. High-Quality Products: They use the best products because they often have ingredients such as lipids in them that keep your scalp and hair safe.

In a nutshell, scalp bleaching is a salon service that turns all your hair blonde and makes sure it looks even and healthy from the roots to the tips.

Can bleach burn your scalp?

Yes, scalp bleach can potentially cause burns to your scalp. A stylist must select the mildest developer possible to achieve the desired results. 20 vol or 6% developer is the maximum strength legally applied to your scalp. Using anything stronger can be dangerous and is not covered by the stylist’s insurance due to the risks involved. Therefore, when choosing a salon for scalp bleaching, it’s essential to ensure that the stylists are highly trained because the outcome can be a stunning transformation or a significant hair mishap.

How long to leave bleach on the scalp?

When carrying out scalp bleach or scalp lightening, the duration it can remain on your scalp depends on your desired hair colour goal and the extent of lightening required. Your stylist will assess the target shade and determine the number of levels of lightening needed. They will then select the appropriate developer and start by applying the lightener to the most resistant areas, progressing to the more delicate areas. In general, bleach can stay on the scalp for up to 60 minutes, but if the desired colour change is achieved earlier, it’s crucial to rinse it out promptly.

However, it’s important to emphasise that bleach doesn’t stop its action after 60 minutes; instead, it becomes less effective. Leaving it on for longer can lead to unpredictable and potentially undesirable results. Therefore, following the recommended processing time and closely monitoring the progress is advisable to ensure the best outcome.

How to bleach hair?

Many people ask how to bleach hair at home; bleaching hair at home has, in my years of hairdressing experience, resulted in the most distressing and irreversible outcomes. The potential harm to the scalp is severe, and repairing the hair damage caused by overlapping can take years. Rectifying the multi-tonal results can be costly, with colour correction services at our salon starting from $350.