Becky B Hair Salons offer a wide range of hair services for you.
Below are a list of available services we offer at Becky B Hair

Not sure what you are after? Please call or email one of our friendly team to discuss your needs and what you are after.

New You – 1hr

Cut and Finish – $80 – $100
Mens Cut – $40

Having your hair cut at Becky B is like nothing you’ve experienced before. All cuts include a hair and scalp analysis, take home hair care advice, styling tips and tricks, a luxurious shampoo, scalp massage and professional finish.

*NEWS FLASH – there is no such thing as ‘just a trim’. Even if you are having a minimal amount of length taken off your hair, your stylist will still go through and check your entire style to keep you lookin like a 10/10! Lucky for you we do not cut corners around here. (pardon the pun)

Light and Bright – 3hr+

Full head foils – $185-200
Half head – $130-150
Partial – $95

Lightening services vary from partial highlights and free hand brightening to a full head of foils for an all over brighter blonde look. Pricing varies and exclude the price of toning as it isn’t always necessary. We use a range of lighten product that make it possible for your stylist to select the least damaging way to achieve your desired result. With every service at Becky B you can count on your stylist to work wit you and your budget to achieve your hair dreams. All lightening services are followed with the very best in Wella after care products.

Ultimate Blonde – 3hr+

6 weeks or less of regrowth – $125

When your regrowth is 6 weeks or less, we are able to mix up a mild lightener and apply it generously to ensure an even and adequate lightening process. Most often you will require a reapplication after 20 minutes of processing time. Clients will often follow this service with a toner and a treatment.

*EXPERT TIP – to ensure optimal hair health ask about Wellaplex; it can be added to your lightener to reduce damage!
**Please note that a toner is often required with this service for an additional $55.

More than 6 weeks of regrowth – $250

This is considered a VERY difficult and delicate colour correction service and should be treated with care and respect. Lightener of a higher strength must be applied to all the natural hair that is away from the scalp first. Then your stylist will go back through and apply a different strength to your root area at the appropriate time. Your stylist is using science and creativity to work with the heat of your scalp to achieve the best result with optimal hair integrity.

*Wellaplex is a non-negotiable for this service!!! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR!!
**Please note that a toner is often required with this service for an additional $55.

Rich and Vibrant – 2hrs

6 weeks or less of regrowth – $80
Full colour – $100-140

Your colour is important to us! It is Becky B advertising that you never take off! Every colour will include a scalp analysis, colour longevity and home care advice as well as a professional style to finish.

*MONEY SAVER – get your regrowth down within the 6-week time frame so that we don’t have to do a virgin application and start from scratch with your colour. Any longer than 6 weeks and we will have to apply away from the heat band and then come back through and do your roots after; we charge for a full colour.

Relax and Recharge – 1hr

Treatment and Blowdry – $50-90

Express Treatment is a mask selected for your hair concerns and applied according to your desired result. Sensitive Scalp, Dandruff Control, Colour Save, Keratin Restore, Repair, Hydrate, Volumise and Smoothen Masks.

Prescriptive Treatment is a two-step treatment that is carefully selected and layered onto your hair for optimal hair care.  Your stylist will choose a Mask and an Emulsion to tackle your hair concerns

Deluxe 3-Step Treatment includes a mask, an emulsion and an infusion for the ultimate in hair love!

Wellaplex is a three-step bond builder. All colour work damages some of the bonds in hair, that is completely unavoidable when permanently changing the colour of hair. Wellaplex No. 1 goes in your lightener or colour to work with the bonds while processing. No. 2 is a basin treatment that stabilizes the hair. No. 3 is your take home treatment to extend the benefits.

Smooth It Out – 3hrs+

Keratin Treatments – $300-500

Keratin smoothing treatment is a wonderful method of hair straightening that will last between two and three months and then slowly reduces. But the truly remarkable thing about this treatment is its restorative nature. Restorative, you say? This treatment works to de-frizz your hair, to make it more manageable, smoother, and gorgeous! The service is multiple steps and must be done with care and skill for best results. 3 hours is a minimum time investment, but trust us, it’s worth it!

**$100 deposit required to secure a keratin smoothing treatment

Let’s Party! – 1-2hr

Event Hair – $70-115

At Becky B we are happy to be part of your big day or event! Trials are charged by the hour but only 1 is usually required! We do not work on location so you will have no choice but to bring the party to us!!!!

*FORMAL SEASON – We book up quickly for formal days so be sure to book in early. Please be aware that you will have to pay a non-refundable booking fee that comes off the price on the day!
**$100 deposit required for bridal party bookings

Help Me – 4hrs+

Colour Correction Starts at $300

Get ready to play 21 questions with us! We will have to do a very thorough consultation for figure out exactly where your hair has been in order know where we will be going! (Remember, shoulder length hair can be 2+ years old!) We will have to discover extensive colour history details, your hair goals and client commitment to home hair care. Sometimes this is a process that takes more than one appointment but you can rest easy knowing that your stylist is happy to make a long-term plan with you.

**$100 deposit required to secure a colour correction booking

Start Over – 1hr

Renew Colour Remover – $100

If you have unwanted colour or toner build up in your hair, RENEW may be the option for you! Renew is a ZERO DAMAGE colour reducer used to adjust, change and correct undesired permanent hair colour results.

*WARNING – Renew does NOT help remove stains such as manic panic or crazy colour. Sorry!

Long and Thick – 2hrs

Full Head Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions – $800

Micro Bead Weft extensions are truly amazing for your hair. We love to use them for length and for fullness. Check out our Youtube channel to see exactly how they are applied to your hair. Consultation is required as we will colour match and order hair especially for you. Extensions last for up to 8 weeks before they need to be removed and reattached.

**$100 deposit required to secure a hair extensions booking

Sun Kissed – 2-5hrs

Balayage $150-400

Balayage is a blend from deeper roots into lighter ends. There are many different versions, some are brighter around the face, others are more natural looking creating a softer regrowth. You can choose to work with your natural colour and just add highlights, or deepen your roots as well. A mix of foil work and freehand lightening techniques can be used. It is best to talk to your stylist about the look you are wanting to achieve.

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