Hair Colour Removal

Discover the transformative power of Wella Color Renew at Becky B Hair Salon, your solution for reducing unwanted permanent hair colour. If you find yourself with undesired colour or toner buildup, Renew offers a gentle and damage-free approach to adjust, change, and correct your hair colour.

The Renew service includes one application of this advanced colour reducer, followed by a thorough dry-off. Please note that additional services, such as a corrective toner, can be added for an extra charge.

It’s important to note that while Renew is effective in addressing permanent hair colour, it does not assist in the removal of stains from vivid colour products like Manic Panic or Crazy Colour.

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Refresh Your Hair Colour

Enhance your hair colour journey with the expertise of the Becky B Hair Stylists, now introducing Wella Colour Renew to revitalise and transform your look. Say goodbye to past disappointments and hello to vibrant, confident locks with our dedication to achieving your dream hair. Wella Colour Renew’s cutting-edge technology gently removes your colour without causing damage, resulting in a healthier, more radiant finish.

At Becky B Hair, our team of Master Stylists collaborate to prioritise your hair’s health and beauty. Utilising the gentle effectiveness of Wella Colour Renew, we offer a personalised hair colour experience tailored to your unique preferences. Additionally, our expert stylists guide you in maintaining your hair’s vibrancy and health long after your salon visit.

Visit our Caloundra or North Lakes salon and let us help you achieve your ideal hair colour renewal. Trust in our expertise to enhance colour while bringing the health and style of your hair to its fullest potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove permanent hair colour?

To remove permanent hair colour, you can use a colour remover specifically designed for this purpose. These products work by shrinking the dye molecules in the hair, allowing it to be washed out. It’s important to follow the product instructions closely and consider a patch test first to avoid adverse reactions. For best results and to minimise damage, consulting a professional hairstylist is recommended.

Can you bleach hair after using a colour remover?

Yes, you can bleach hair after using a colour remover, but it’s crucial to assess the condition of your hair first. Colour removers can leave hair more porous and susceptible to damage, so it’s advisable to wait a few days, use deep conditioning treatments, and ensure your hair is in good condition before bleaching. Consulting a professional is highly recommended to determine the best course of action.

Can you use colour remover on bleached hair?

Using colour remover on bleached hair is generally safe but may not always be effective. Colour removers are designed to remove artificial pigment and cannot restore hair to its original colour before bleaching. If your goal is to remove a toner or a semi-permanent colour from bleached hair, a colour remover can be useful. However, it’s essential to follow the product guidelines and consider seeking professional advice.

Does colour remover damage your hair?

Hair colour removers are formulated to be as gentle as possible on the hair, focusing on shrinking and removing artificial colour molecules. However, the process can be drying and may leave hair feeling more porous or brittle. Using a deep conditioning treatment after using a colour remover can help mitigate these effects. It’s less damaging than bleaching, but hair condition should still be monitored.

How does hair colour remover work?

Hair colour remover works by entering the hair shaft and targeting the artificial dye molecules. These products do not lighten natural hair colour but are designed to shrink artificial dye molecules to a size that can be washed out with shampoo. This process reverses the oxidation of the colouring process in a gentle manner, allowing the artificial colour to be removed without significantly affecting the natural base colour.

Are hair colour removers safe?

Hair colour removers are generally safe when used according to the instructions on the package. They are specifically designed to remove artificial colours without the use of ammonia or bleach, making them a safer alternative for changing or correcting hair colour. However, it’s always a good idea to perform a patch test before full application to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the product.