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Are you unsatisfied with your current hair colour, dealing with colour fade, brassiness, uneven tones, or chemical damage from past colouring treatments? Our expert colourists are here to help you unlock the secrets to vibrant, beautifully coloured hair.

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What to Expect From Your Colour Appointment

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Personalised Consultation

At Becky B Hair Salon, our commitment to your colour perfection begins with a comprehensive consultation included in all our colour services.

We understand the nuances of your skin tone, recommending the best colour options that harmonise with your unique features. Your hair and scalp health is our priority, and our expert stylists provide personalised home care advice to maintain the longevity of your vibrant colour.

Your colour experience at Becky B goes beyond the ordinary. We believe your colour should be an enduring statement, an advertisement you never take off. Each colour service includes a thorough scalp analysis, ensuring the health of your hair and providing insights into colour longevity.

Our stylists don’t just colour; they craft a professional style to perfection, ensuring you leave the salon with a look that complements your individuality.

Individual Colour Services:

Regrowth $115
– Includes Regrowth & Dry Off

Full Colour from $150
– Includes Colour & Dry Off

Toner From $75
– Add-on Service Only

Regrowth Package From $149 (Within 8 Weeks)

Experience the rejuvenating touch of our Regrowth Colour Service at Becky B Hair Salon, tailored for clients returning within 8 weeks of their previous colour appointment.

Meticulously applied to prevent banding, this service is a delightful touch-up, allowing the intricacies of previous foil work to shine while seamlessly covering roots.

Our skilled stylists take pride in the No-Cut Haircut, our version of a trim, ensuring a flawless result.

Tidying up the perimeter, face-framing, and bangs, this detail-oriented haircut enhances the overall appearance.

Complete your regrowth colour experience with a professional finish featuring a blow-dry and the option for smooth or wavy styling.

* Please note that event styling is a separate service, requiring additional time that can be scheduled separately.

Full-Colour Package From $199

Indulge in a transformative colour service at Becky B Hair Salon, where every aspect is meticulously crafted for a stunning result.

Our comprehensive colour service encompasses a thorough hair and scalp analysis, precise colour matching, a luxurious basin treatment, a No-Cut Haircut, and flawless styling.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we exclusively use the complete Wella colour range, including Color Touch, Koleston Perfect, and Illumina.

The Becky B Team takes pride in guiding you to choose the perfect colour that complements both your style and skin tone. During the detailed consultation, we consider your wardrobe and hair habits to select a colour that not only enhances your features but also provides maximum shine and longevity.

Home care advice is an integral part of our service, ensuring you can maintain the brilliance of your colour between salon visits. Our No-Cut Haircut, a meticulous trim focused on refining the perimeter, face-framing, and bangs, complements the overall service.

Conclude your colour experience with a professional finish featuring a blow-dry and the option for smooth or wavy styling.

* Please note that event styling is a separate service, requiring additional time that we can schedule for you.

Toning Package From $149

Liven up your hair with the Toning Package at Becky B Hair Salon, designed to breathe new life into your colour.

This package is perfect for a refreshing touch between highlighting appointments or eliminating brassy tones from naturally grey hair.

Our skilled team applies a personalised toner, providing a tailored solution to enhance and refine your existing colour.

Indulge in a luxurious basin treatment, ensuring your hair receives the care it deserves. Conclude your Toning Package experience with a professional finish featuring a blow-dry and the option for smooth or wavy styling.

At Becky B, we prioritise delivering a polished and professional look with every service.

* Please note that event styling is a separate service, requiring additional time that can be scheduled separately.

Consult With Our Team

Don’t let unsatisfactory hair colour experiences hold you back any longer—book in to see the team of master stylists at Becky B and experience the transformative power of professional hair colouring. We’re committed to helping you achieve your dream hair colour and boosting your confidence. Book your colour consultation today and take the first step towards vibrant, beautiful hair!

When you consult with the Becky B team, you’re in for a unique hair colouring journey. During your visit, you’ll receive a personalised colour consultation tailored to your unique style and preferences and benefit from expert advice on maintaining your colour’s vibrancy and health.

Come and visit us at our Caloundra or Northlakes salon; we look forward to helping you achieve your ideal hair colour while enhancing your hair’s health and style to the fullest!

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FAQS Hair Colouring

How long does it usually take to colour hair?

The time it takes to colour hair can vary widely depending on the technique used, the hair’s length and thickness, and the desired result. Generally, a simple single-process colour can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to apply, not including the additional time for the colour to process, which can be another 30 to 45 minutes. More complex techniques, such as highlights, balayage, or a major colour change, can take several hours.

Can I colour my hair when I'm pregnant?

While there’s no strong evidence that chemical hair dyes are harmful to a developing baby, many doctors recommend waiting until after the first trimester. It’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before colouring your hair during pregnancy. Additionally, consider using products with less ammonia, peroxide, and other harsh chemicals, or explore natural or semi-permanent options.

What are good hair colours for women over 50?

For women over 50, good hair colour options include natural hues like soft browns, cool tones, rich auburn, and grey or silver. Adding highlights or opting for low-maintenance styles like balayage can also be flattering. Choosing a colour that complements your skin tone and lifestyle is essential.

What hair colour suits women with black hair?

Women with black hair can enhance their look with a range of colours, depending on their skin tone and personal style. Rich browns, caramel highlights, burgundy, deep reds, and even subtle blues or purples can add dimension and interest. It’s crucial to select a colour that provides a flattering contrast and suits your maintenance preferences.

Do you cut the hair before or after colouring it?

Typically, hair is cut after colouring. Cutting hair after the colour allows the stylist to shape the hair according to how the colour appears and ensure the end result is cohesive and polished. However, in some cases, a preliminary cut might be done before colouring, especially if a significant length is removed.

Does anti-dandruff shampoo remove hair colour?

Anti-dandruff shampoos, especially those designed to treat flaky scalp aggressively, can sometimes strip colour from treated hair more quickly than colour-safe or mild shampoos. These shampoos often contain strong cleansing agents that can cause the colour to fade. If you’re concerned about preserving your hair colour, look for colour-safe anti-dandruff options or consult with your stylist for recommendations.