Psoriasis – I think I’ve got it but I’m not sure!

Often times any itching or flaking gets called Psoriasis but let’s make sure before we start using special (Very Expensive) products to help treat/sooth it! Psoriasis is the most common of all the scaly problems but it is certainly not the only one. Psoriasis can also affect the elbows and knees. Let’s identify it! Psoriasis…

The team at Becky B Hair Salon in Caloundra.

Coasts Favourite Hair Salon

More than 1000 people voted in the Daily’s Best of the Coast poll to find readers’ most-loved hairdressing salon. Becky B Hair Salon in Caloundra took the top spot,

As Voted By You – Top 10 Hairdressers On The Coast

The hair queens of the south, Becky B Hair and Beauty in Caloundra nabbed a whole lot of votes for their skills with your locks. The star of the salon, according to you hair-focused lot, is Becky. Obviously.